About Us

Our event architects are masters in their field working collaboratively to design solutions custom fitted to your individual needs, while our service is globally recognized and held to the highest international standards of quality assurance. We trust in the power of events and create events that are excellent in creating a competitive edge.

Regardless of whether you need us to organize your entire event or you simply need expert help with one or more key elements, we are here to help. Inside our full-service event management company, we have specialist expertise across conference and summit management, social programs and corporate events, webinars, exclusive round-tables and trainings.

Design & Development

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What We Do


A clustered network in each industry with footprints in almost every continent makes ICSA conferences an advantage to lead, sustain and benefit from.


At ICSA our Webinars we offer a complete “turnkey” solution that will be completely tailored to your requirements in order to achieve the preset goals of the webinar.

Managed Events

Our team of dedicated individuals are determined to initiate strategic business alliances with information helpful for networking with professional Allies.


If you want to run a successful business, it is essential to invest in your staff to keep them up to date with the recent developments in the industry.

Round Tables

Our Round-tables are designed as unique opportunities for executives and board or management committee level executives of companies.

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