International Center for Strategic Alliances is a group of leading industry professionals and innovators. Our core actions comprise of innovations and used case scenarios through leaders, by our research and leading information for businesses and professionals all over the world.

We at ICSA, understand the importance of well researched data and the value it holds to businesses. Hence, with extensive industry knowledge we offer exclusive get-togethers, and trainings including a blend of case studies, white papers, curated info-graphics and much more with data and insights to give you a competitive edge unlike any other.

We specialize in organizing conferences, summits,webinars,exclusive virtual managed events,round-tables and trainings that act as a gateway between you, your target market, your direct buyers and leading experts in all industries, especially technology and digital innovation. 

About Us

Our event architects are masters in their field working collaboratively to design solutionscustom fitted to your individual needs,while our service is globally recognized and held to the highest international standards of quality assurance. We trust in the power of events and create events that are excellent in creating a competitive edge. Regardless of whether you need us to organize your entire event or you simply need expert help withone or more key elements, we are here to help. Inside our full-service event management company,we have specialist expertise across conference and summit management, social programs and corporate events, webinars, exclusive round-tables and trainings.



A clustered network in each industry with footprints in almost every continent makes ICSA conferences an advantage to lead, sustain and benefit from. Through an extensive.


At ICSA our Webinars we offer a complete “turnkey” solution that will be completely tailored to your requirements in order to achieve the preset goals of the webinar.

Managed Events

Our team of dedicated individuals are determined to initiate strategic business alliances with information helpful for networking with professional Allies.


If you want to run a successful business, it is essential to invest in your staff to keep them up to date with the recent developments in the industry.


Our Round-tables are designed as unique opportunities for executives and board or management committee level executives of companies



Our team is what makes ICSA the organization that it is today. Our event experts are reliable, focused and devoted to the success of each project. They are exceptionally efficient and highly trained industry experts. We are an international company with trained personnel in three continents and covering 13+ countries. We offer an easy single point of contact for you and your team throughout your entire journey.

Our personalized account management structure ensures you will develop a strong and genuine partnership with your project manager, with the added comfort of knowing you will be well-supported by the depth of knowledge, expertise and resources of our broader team. No need to choose between the personal touch of a local team and the resources of a larger company – ICSA offers you the best of both worlds!

Our event architects are skilled at understanding what success looks like for you and tailoring their advice and guidance to suit your needs. You will benefit from their intimate local knowledge and professional experience, paired with the expertise of our conferences, special events, sponsorship & exhibitions, and marketing teams.

Our Mission

To furnish our clients with the data and insights of the industry that they must have in order to  sustain a competitive edge.


> To empower our clients to produce inventiveness, creativity, innovation by commissioning them with industry insights which will help them achieve their end goal through Strategic Alliances with global leaders.

> To bring substantial and positive commitment to our client’s businesses by helping them grow and achieve their targets.

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