Our team of dedicated individuals are determined to initiate strategic business alliances with information helpful for networking with professional Allies, put together an exclusive event, combined with a steadfast focus on exclusiveness. This is what drives us to constantly deliver a competitive lead to our clients. Offering the comprehensive content of a dynamic program at the comfort of their homes or offices, ICSA virtual bespoke events become a core platform where service providers meet their direct buyers exclusively with no other competition. Hence, enabling them to experience and explore vital business development opportunities.

What’s There for You!

Business Development

Our managed events are highly efficient in converting delegates into prospects, especially due to the fact that the delegates have been pre-qualified and invited to meet you.

O3O Meetings

Our One-On-One (O3O) meetings are that extra element of expertise that your business needs for business development opportunities and that’s exactly what you’d get at our exclusive O3O Meetings.


Managed events guarantee exclusivity which in simple terms means meeting your target market with no competitors around, introducing your products and services in person and is hence proved to be the best means to acquire new business.

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